Conti Passerin d’Entreves…a family between Tuscany, Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta since 1350.

In 1400 Andruetus Passerini, head of a Florentine family, in order to escape the fights between the Guelfi and the Ghibellini, fled to Valturnanche with a considerable sum of money.
During two centuries the family, already pretty wealthy, recieves important roles in politics, religion and administration. In 1556 SER.ME Emanuele Filiberto Duca d’Aosta gives noble titles to the Passerin. Different land is given to the Passerin, land in Entrèves and Courmayeur, in Brissogne, in d’Escalier and in Fornet in Valgrisenche. From these holdings, only the first one is still in the family, and the line goes all the way to Francesco.

Francesco, as many Passerin d’Entreves before him, married a girl from Tuscany, Veronica.

Francesco and Veronica look after the estate with passion, following traditions and respecting the terroir, always looking to the future for innovations.